Fremont Wedding Ardenwood Historic Farm Wedding Party

Ardenwood Historic Farm | Everett & Amanda Wedding

There were so many amazing things that happened at this Fremont wedding! It is a delight to share with you a short one-minute teaser. This teaser showcases the couple’s wedding details and fabulous vendors. Everything came together beautifully for this carnival themed wedding!

Not Just Any Fremont Wedding

Fremont Wedding Ardenwood Historic Farm Wedding Party

It’s not everyday that I get to speak with the groom first before the bride. Everett had explained to me that Amanda did not want a traditional cocktail hour, but that she wanted to make sure that there was entertainment during cocktail hour.

Circosphere and Napa Aerial Fitness combined forces to bring a memorable cocktail hour! They provided juggling, circus style comic artists, and an aerial dancer to entertain the guests while they waited for the reception to begin. I do not know if aerial dancer is the correct term but she practically was dancing on air, so it makes sense to me!

I cannot wait to share with you Everett and Amanda’s entire Fremont wedding highlight film, but for now please enjoy this short one-minute teaser!

Watch this Fremont Wedding Teaser

Wedding Vendors

Videography: Karissa Wright Productions
Photography: Diane B. Photo
Venue: Ardenwood Historic Farm
Cake & Dessert: Hans Bake
DJ: Twin Spins Entertainment
Photobooth: Red Eye Collection
Hair: Hart Hair
Makeup: Gianna Tarquini
Cocktail Hour Entertainment: Circosphere & Napa Aerial Fitness
Boba: Boba Guys
Lighting: Bay Area Event Lights

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  1. Kat Martucci says:

    Can’t wait to see pictures!
    The Aerialist!

    • Karissa Wright says:

      Me too! Diane B Photography did the photos of the wedding. I’m sure she’ll be posting more pictures soon! =)

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