Tyler and Rebecka walk the grounds of a wedding venue in Geyserville, CA.

Trentadue Winery | Tyler & Rebecka Wedding

Tyler and Rebecka chose to tie the knot near Rebecka’s hometown in Geyserville, California at Trentadue Winery. Talking with Rebecka, I knew that this love story was going to bring on the tears. Tyler was there for Rebecka from beginning to end while she was battling cancer. If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is!

Trentadue Winery Wedding

Trentadue Winery grounds has a wide landscape of grape vines and grass areas for the wedding ceremony, reception and portraits. Perfect for every bride and groom looking for a perfect wedding venue in Geyserville, CA.

How He Asked


It all started one overcast morning in San Diego. It was Rebecka’s birthday. Their friends Mitch and Alyssa drove the night before from Arizona to spend the weekend with them. Little did Rebecka know, but they and Tyler’s roommate, Kevin, had been concocting the proposal for months. They were all supposed to go to breakfast at The Cottage at 10:00, but Tyler had other plans for Rebecka.

Before they got in the car to head to breakfast, Tyler gave Rebecka a card and flowers. This card said Happy Birthday and you’re going on a scavenger hunt.

First stop, Trader Joes to pick up a bag of goodies from behind the counter and your next clue. Then they were off to Neptune Beach, where they walked the beach and stumbled upon a blanket with flowers and a large black box.

Rebecka opened the box and saw roller blades and was ecstatic. Then she read the last piece of the puzzle. A note describing their journey and Tylers love for her. Little did Rebecka know, all the cards Tyler had written her over the past year had begun with a cursive letter.

They spelled out Marry Me and todays card was the last piece of that puzzle. This is when Tyler got down on one knee and popped the question, “Will you marry me?”

Trentadue Winery Wedding Highlight

Trentadue Winery Wedding Vendors

Videography: Karissa Wright Productions
Photo: Lily Rose Photography
Coordinator: Milestone Events Group
Florist: Heather Hendrickson
Makeup Artist: Shayna Azevedo
DJ: AMS Entertainment
Rentals: Encore Rentals

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