Jonathan Gets a Turban Wrap for his Sikh Wedding

Sikh Wedding | Groom’s Getting Ready

While getting ready for the Sikh Wedding in Elk Grove, I was talking with Jonathan about him and his bride. The whole morning Jonathan could not stop smiling and saying how excited he was to finally marry his bride. I asked how long they had been together. He responded saying, “Six years total with three of those years being engaged.” Three years!! Can you imagine?! No wonder he was excited!


Elk Grove Sikh Wedding

Jonathan’s mother, Linda, hired Karissa Wright Productions to photograph her son’s getting ready and entrance into the temple. This is the first time I have never spoken to the bride or groom before a wedding day. As soon as I arrived, everyone welcomed me with warm smiles on their faces. Everyone was excited that this day was finally here.

Sikh Wedding Turban Wrap

Royal Style Turbans had the honor of creating a royal turban for Jonathan, his brother, and brother-in-law. From beginning to end, the art of the perfect turban was beautiful to witness. When we started the process, I told Jonathan that he better not smile too much because he will be smiling a lot more later in the day and his cheeks will hurt!

Sikh Wedding Groom Getting Ready

During the getting ready portion of the morning, Jonathan’s dad hands him a krijpan (sword) to carry on his wedding day. This symbolize the groom’s responsibility to protect his wife and family from harm as the head of the household.

Family & Friends Getting Ready

Family and friends gather together at an Elk Grove Airbnb to get ready for the Sikh wedding ceremony. Grandmother, Mother, and sister pictured in the first set of images is a beautiful picture to me of respect and support for Jonathan’s marriage.

Sikh Wedding Groom Entrance

All of the groom’s family and friends gathered under the orange flag near the entrance of the temple to walk together into the temple.

Final Wishes

Although this is only part of the story and the beginning of this Sikh wedding, it was an amazing experience and honor to be a part of Jonathan’s wedding day. Congratulations!

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