Bryan & Angela Riedeman Wedding | Vintage Gardens

My Vows
by Joe Green

Take you by the hand
slip on a wedding band

Smile and say I do
so in love with you

Give you my heart
till death do us part

Laugh and sing and cry
until the day we die

In poverty or wealth
in sickness and in health

Eternity just around the bend
faithful to the very end

We start a family
promise to grow old with me

Our First Meeting

The moment I met Angela, we only previously talked over the phone, I was nervous. That day was the day that we would finalize the timeline and make sure everything is going to be captured. There’s nothing more nerve racking than not being on the same page and expectations be out of proportion. Having the timeline set WAY before the wedding (1-2 months prior) and then meeting for making the final changes makes everything way smoother and less stress towards the final weeks or days toward your wedding.

One thing about weddings seems to be that the wedding would somehow become late and things are captured because of time. Angela was on time from the moment I walked into the door of the bridal suite to the family portraits. Usually the beginning is the most critical for getting all the details and shots of the wedding party before the ceremony. As was experienced by this wedding, everything slowed down after the ceremony. You’re married! You, as a couple, are no longer focused on the timeline because the one thing you planned on as being the most important thing is walking up and down that aisle. 

Time is Important

The reception is usually when the timeline falls behind: dinner is not ready or there’s no wedding coordinator to take charge and keep everything on track. Angela and Bryan were troopers to having an on time wedding despite the set backs BUT what was important is that time was important to them with spending it with their guests. There’s vendor time and couple time. It is super important to make sure what matters to you is carved out on your timeline. Otherwise, if you focus more on vendor time and not guest time, you can miss the very essence of you’re wedding: the celebration. 

Even though I was not able to be at the wedding from beginning to end, I understood that for Angela and Bryan it was important to them to spend with the guests rather squeeze everything in the first half of receptions as seems to be the trend with most weddings now days. There are pros and cons to both ways, but it is up to each couple to decide what is more important to them. Decide in advance so that you won’t have any regrets. 



Venue: Vintage Gardens
Cater: Redwood Cafe
Photographer: Karissa Wright Productions
DJ: Jeff Morena

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