Chris & Cecile Pacheco Wedding | Morris Chapel | Stockton, CA

If you have never attended a wedding at University of Pacific’s Morris Chapel, or even just been in the chapel itself, it is breathtaking. But not as breathtaking for Chris when Cecile walked down the long length aisle to vow to one another for life. 

The life of the wedding party was everything! I love it when the bride and groom integrate settle fandoms or things they really like into their outfits or decor of their wedding day. Each of the groomsmen wore different colored Green Lantern rings. While the bridal party’s personality definitely shined throughout the day while rocking out to the beat of their drum. 

What I loved about Chris and Cecile was that they found joy in pretty much anything and everything that they were doing. Yes, the day is all about them and their love, but for any couple on their wedding day- they are at the center of attention which can be exhausting. Towards the end of their sunset photos, all they wanted was alone time together. It’s totally understandable after all the people they were just around and family portraits. 

A tip for any of my future brides:

Don’t forget to add extra time in your schedule to have a breather. Yes, time is precious when hiring vendors who book based on limited hours, but the day is about you two. A lot of times couples forget to stop and take it all in and focus on the love they have for each other. 

The bond between Chris and Cecile also created unity with each of their families. It was beautiful to see two families come together without and quarrel or disagreements. The speeches were absolutely precious. There were tears, laughs and invaluable life lessons from their family and friends.

It was because of this that made the dancing part of the reception so much fun.  There was the special dances (first dance, father/daughter dance and mother/son dance) and then there was party dances. The wedding party did a fabulous job of getting a lot of people on the dance floor and having fun!  

It was wonderful to have been part of the group that captured your memories alongside these other amazing peps.

Venue: University of Pacific’s Morris Chapel
Photo: Karissa Wright Productions (me!)
Video: Tiger Taitague

Congratulations Chris & Cecile! 

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