Alex & Amy | Yosemite National Park | Naturally Posed Engagement

Being completely honest here: from looking at Alex & Amy’s naturally posed photos from their Yosemite National Park engagement session, even I could not tell that they were worried about looking awkward or that they did not look great on camera.

Like No Other Session

The number one thing I hear from couples once their engagement session is scheduled are statements they are worried about not knowing how to pose or having a bad angle shot of them the whole time- or that they are just plain awkward and clueless. 

My response to Alex and Amy were no different than what I explain to every couple (even if they don’t express their fears): Your session is probably not going to be like any other photoshoot they’ve had, but that we are about to play lots of games and that I am going to be asking you a bunch of really fun questions. My goal is to try and get you to forget about the camera and enjoy each other. 

In short, it is completely okay to feel that way. We understand that this is not something that couples do often together. Actually, we love it! We love to guide and direct that awkwardness towards the two of you and create naturally posed images of the beautiful reactions each of you two make. 

Living Life Together

In spending hours on the road with Alex and Amy traveling to and from their Yosemite National Park Engagement Session, I had the opportunity to listen and observe. One of my friends told me once that you if you can sit with one another in silence, it was not awkwardness but a sign of a true friendship where you can enjoy each others company. 

If you read Alex & Amy’s Epic Engagement Teaser earlier last week, you would remember that there was a storm scheduled to arrive later that evening. It was fairly difficult to be able to verbally cue Amy and Alex to do the different shots that I was looking for. Normally, I would make sure to say words of affirmation or give direction during the duration of the session. But because of the weather and the natural waterfalls in the area, speaking was difficult. 

Sometimes silence is not the only factor I would determine being a sign of a true friendship, but also enjoying each others company no matter what kind of situation you are in. Whether that is being stuck in traffic or in a car for hours with one another or being near a really loud waterfall where you are not able to speak to one another without talking directly in the other person’s ear. Although those might be small things, these are the two things that I saw in observing Alex and Amy. 

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