Sacramento Wedding Videographer

As wedding cinematographers, we creatively capture your Authentic & Joyful memories in a way that allows you to present and enjoy your wedding day.

We carefully craft together your wedding day highlight in a story form.
For you to see, hear, and feel as if it were just yesterday. 

Remember what you felt & not how you were posed

Wedding Film Portfolio

Trevor & Macenzie
Private Estate | Santa Cruz, CA

Trey & Jaclyn
Galas Barn | Oakdale, CA

Tyler & Rebecka
Trentadue Winery | Geyserville, CA

Jorvic & Stephanie
The Century | Modesto, CA

Alex & Amy
Palm Event Center | Pleasanton, CA

Why Hire a Wedding Videographer?

Not hiring a wedding videographer for your wedding will be your #1 biggest wedding day regret. Period.

Why say that statement with such confidence?
It's because I've heard it over and over and over again. 

There is so much time, planning, and money put into your wedding day.
But beyond that, your wedding day is day one of your marriage journey.
It is the foundation of your love and commitment to one another.

Then the wedding comes. And it's all over. 
Your photos and videos become the only captured memories of that day. 
You may be thinking: Wedding Photo vs. Video
Won't it be the same thing?

Video has movement. Movement not just to our eyes but in our hearts as well.
The power to hear your voice. The emotions you felt in that the moment.
Laughter. Tears. Woohoos! 

We will prepare a digital agreement to sign and an invoice for the deposit and your date is on our calendar! 

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We do not take every wedding we're approached to photograph and film. It's truly important that we work with couples who share in our brand values. 

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KWP Video Process


Our complete coverage includes two videographers for 8 hours and a
4-6 min highlight film delivered through an online gallery.

cost of Wedding Videography begins at $5,000

Yes, we do! 

Do you have insurance?

We work with only royalty free music to incorporate into the final video. This allows you to be able to share and save your video to any social media platforms without the risk of it being taken down. We general ask for the style and genre of music and our editing team will pair you with the best songs that best fit your video.

Will we get to choose the music?

To capture the full wedding day story, our presence starts at preparation at your home or hotel, the ceremony, through the speeches and dancing. If you want small hours of coverage, please send us a request here.

Your service. Does it cost per hour?

We specialize in wedding highlight films that speaks to your wedding day story. Our base video length is 4-6 mins. 

how long is the wedding video?

Yes! We are able to do both wedding photography and videography. We are comfortable working together and won't get into each other's' way.

Can you do both Photo & video?

As soon as possible! Video is just as hot of a commodity as photo. We only serve one couple per wedding date. And it's on a first come first serve basis. Inquire your wedding date today! 



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You deserve the absolute best. That's why we want to make sure we are the right choice for you.

We do not take every wedding we're approached to photograph and film. It's truly important that we work with couples who share in our brand values. 

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