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Baker Beach Engagement | Trey & Jaclyn

It is easy to get caught up in the weekly plans and daily to-do lists. We find that time quickly comes and goes like that. How often do we stop and enjoy the time of life we are in? Right now, this is the only time you both are engaged with each other. Ten, twenty, and thirty years from now, you are going to look back at this season in your life. Before your marriage journey began and when you were both young and in love. Like this Baker Beach engagement, an engagement session is more than capturing a picture of the two of you together. But this period of your life is foundational to the beginnings of your marriage for the future.

More than an Engagement Session

Five years from now, when you stop to look at the canvases hanging on your home’s walls, what do you see? Is it laughter/smiling faces or an intimate embrace with a passionate kiss? These pictures help us to stop time and remember that time in our life. This helps us to move forward in the future present.

Details Before your Baker Beach Engagement Session

It is essential to carefully consider the little things that come with your engagement session: location, what to wear, and what to bring. Having the input from your photographer on these things will ensure the best possible results in meeting your expectations during and after your engagement session.

Trey & Jaclyn’s Baker Beach Engagement

For Trey and Jaclyn, they knew that they wanted a beach engagement session. While dating the beach had become their favorite spot to hang out and get away from their work lives. There were many favorite moments during this session. One of them not being a nudist dude hanging out at the opposite end of the beach (thankfully we didn’t see anything scaring haha). But the real gem of the moments was when Trey whispered in Jaclyn’s ear in the third photo down and told her why he chose her out of all the girls in the world. This reaction is shown in the fourth photos when the waterworks were let loose!

We are very excited to photograph and film Trey and Jaclyn’s wedding in one month from today! Make sure to check out their Baker Beach engagement session.

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