Tony & Mercedes Wedding | Spanos Reserve | Stockton, CA

August 6, 2016 was a bright and sunny day when Tony & Mercedes read their vows and tied the knot at Spanos Reserve in Stockton, CA. I was ecstatic to have been invited by Meredith Faith Photography (which she did the posing for the portrait sessions) to second shoot for her on this special day.

Tony & Mercedes Wedding Anticipation

Upon arrival, Mercedes and her bridesmaids were getting ready in the Bridal suite area, while Tony and the guys were getting ready in another small room near the lounge area. Despite the anxiousness to see each other, both were calm and collected in getting ready to walk down the aisle. Being high school sweethearts, both of them have spent much time together than apart. The smiles on their faces and the love they received from their families and friends were evidence of the support system that they have/will have during their marriage.

Tony & Mercedes Reception Story

Funny Story: Before starting the toasts, Meredith wanted to remove the bride and groom’s dirty plates from the table. When picking them up, Meredith’s long brown hair caught on fire from one of the tea lights at the table! Thankful it didn’t burn for very long and Meredith was a trooper for putting it out and kept the show running, but she didn’t like how her hair smelled burnt for the rest of the evening! Lesson learned for me: never have your long hair down around candles, especially tea lights!

The evening ended strong and the guests kept the party going by dancing till they couldn’t dance any more! There ended up being a dance battle between one of the younger couples that were there that was really cute. There wasn’t a winner persay, but the group definitely had a lot of fun.

Thank you Meredith for letting me tag along! Congrats Tony & Mercedes!
With Love,
Karissa Wright

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