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Did you know that Modesto is the hometown of the Star War’s universe creator George Lucas? The number of people that have probably met and talked with Evan and not talked about Star Wars is few and far between. It was not know if Sarah was a huge fan of Star Wars before meeting Evan, but Star Wars elements were settly integrated into different parts of their wedding day so well just say that she is okay with it. 

Evan & Sarah | Star Wars Livermore Wedding Photography | The Clubhouse

Jul 21, 2018


Open Post

Evan and Sarah just got married! Their genuine love and happiness throughout their day resonated with everyone who was able to make it to their wedding at Livermore’s Ravenswood Historical Site. Knowing both Evan and Sarah individually and as a couple truly renews the joy I have in choosing wedding as our specialty. There’s nothing else like witnessing the union between two people like Evan and Sarah. 

Evan & Sarah | Ravenswood Historical Site | Livermore Wedding Photographer

Jun 18, 2018


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