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She couldn’t stop smiling. He locked eyes with her’s and never broke contact. “You’re mine and we belong together…yes, we belong together for eternity.” We Belong Together by Ritchie Valens played in the background as Geronimo and Elvia practiced their first dance. It took a bit of practice, but eventually, Geronimo was able to time a twirl properly for Elvia. They may think it’s easy now, but wait until Elvia is in her wedding dress! 

Geronimo & Elvia | Engagement Teaser | Stanislaus State Turlock, CA

Dec 13, 2017


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10 solid years. A relationship for that long is very rare in today’s world. It was lovely to see the interaction between Daryl and Jessica during our golden hour shoot in Turlock, CA. Shooting at Stan State University, the trees are fading in color and constantly losing their beautiful fall leaves. Thankfully there are some spots here and there of reds, greens, and yellows. 

Daryl & Jessica | Engagement Teaser | California State University Stanislaus

Dec 11, 2017


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