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Ericksen’s Sibling Photos | Modesto Portraits

Sep 7, 2016

I first met Gerrit and Annika the day of their photoshoot. Both children were very outgoing and easy to talk to. I asked them about their photo posing experiences since I wasn’t their first photographer they’ve had take their photos before. Gerrit and Annika are homeschooled by their mom, Christi, who wanted to have their “school photos” taken but their usual photographer recently moved away. 

Gerrit, 13, is the typical older bother and first born. Logical, boisterous yet kind, smart, and a hard worker. During our shoot, he told me his knowledge of the different things while shooting throughout their family’s almond orchard: irrigation, bugs in the area that might eat you alive (which one bit him than Annika and I), and his interest in agriculture both practically and economically (quite intelligent for a 13 year old I think).

Annika, 10, is musically gifted in the area of singing. She is involved in a choir group and annual musicals. Annika is the most outgoing out of the two, always making an effort to make her brother smile and relax for the pictures (which was a bit hard to do). Although a flower girl at heart, Annika has a lively spirit of competitiveness and kindness towards her older brother. She tried running a race between herself and Gerrit, but I believe he won.  




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