Jace & Stephanie Wedding | Highlight Film | Seattle, WA

“She is beautiful, kind, smart, and talks really fast.” 

When I met Stephanie, it was on a trip to the Dominican Republic for a conference with a nonprofit organization called A Jesus Mission. Stephanie and I sat in a van together discussing the wedding details having not known anything about her prior to that day. She was very sweet and easy to talk to. To be honest, I tried keeping up with the fast-paced conversation but eventually kept silent because I was not able to come up with a well thought out response in the quickness she was able to talk. Definitely a characteristic that stood out and apparently not just to me, but her now-husband as well. 

Being from Arizona, the guest and myself included had the opportunity to get to know Jace during the wedding day. Jace seemed like the romantic type to me. During the getting ready portion of the day, I had some time with him before Stephanie arrive for their first look. I asked if he was nervous and I could tell there were a little excitement and joy in seeing his beautiful bride. When the moment came they seriously could not stop being cute! There was a lot of time to capture wedding party and family portraits, which made the rest of the day go really smooth. 

I am blessed to have captured Jace and Stephanie’s wedding and I’m super excited to see them grow as a couple and individually in the Lord and in life. God bless. 

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