First Year Anniversary Letter to Jacob

Dear Jacob,

A year flew by so fast! There has been so much change since we’ve started this journey called marriage –but I know that is still only the beginning.

Our first “Look at the Camera & Smile” moment that took place right after the ceremony.

At the start of our marriage journey, I had moved away from the city and community I was born and raised in all my life. And both of us moved out of our parents’ house for the first time.

And now, driving an hour back to that place I used to call home reminds me of the weekly drives each of us would take turns making to visit the other.

Our first picture together

One of the best parts of being married to you has been never having to say goodbye (especially for a week like we used to). Falling asleep and waking up next to you. When I’m with you –I am home.

You are by best friend. Forever date. My life partner. I’m so thankful that God joined us together and allowed us to do life together forever and thus far.

My favorite photo from our engagement session

I pray that we will continue to grow in our relationship with God as the foundation of our marriage. May we honor Him as we love and respect one another.

Looking forward to another year with you my love.

With all my heart,

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