Evan & Sarah Wedding Teaser | Ravenswood Historical Site | Livermore, CA

Evan and Sarah just got married! Their genuine love and happiness throughout their day resonated with everyone who was able to make it to their wedding at Livermore’s Ravenswood Historical Site. Knowing both Evan and Sarah individually and as a couple truly renews the joy I have in choosing wedding as our specialty. There’s nothing else like witnessing the union between two people like Evan and Sarah. 

Before Ravenswood Historical Site

In the beginning of 2016, Sarah and Evan met each other at a young adults group in Modesto, CA. Living in Livermore, Sarah often drove out to Modesto to be a part of this young adults group and eventually met and became friends with Evan. Evan didn’t start showing interest in Sarah until they were hiking with a group of friends in Yosemite (see their Yosemite Engagement Session) and realized that they had a mutual background in playing soccer. 

Hiking and exploring nature had become a cherished activity for them both, so it was on one of their adventurous hikes that Evan proposed to Sarah a little over a year and a half after dating and became engaged on July 14, 2017. 

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