Everett & Amanda Wedding | Ardenwood Historic Farm

Having an Ardenwood wedding felt like stepping into another world. During our first conversation, Everett explained that Amanda did not want a traditional cocktail hour. She found in attending weddings herself that cocktail hour was boring as a guest. Creatively, Amanda and Everett decided to have a carnival-themed Ardenwood wedding. It could not have been more magical. “The Greatest Showman” vibes anyone?

Since the time Amanda and Everett first met, they have annually attended the Alameda County Fair. This tradition holds a special place in their hearts. This tradition was the perfect component to incorporate aspects of a carnival into their wedding. Prepare yourself for a unique and fun-packed carnival-themed Ardenwood wedding!

The Ardenwood Wedding Experience

Before we even begin with the Ardenwood wedding experience, we have to start with hair and makeup! Mother and daughter team, Hart Hair & Gianna Tarquini, did Amanda’s and some of her wedding party’s hair and makeup. Amanda had a vision: a pop of pink in her hair wrapped around her bun. Settle yet sparks personality, which I love (Remember Jade’s dark lip?).

Everett & Amanda had their wedding ceremony at the Patterson House.

Ardenwood Wedding Carnival

This historical landmark location is beautiful in itself! The decor beautifully accented the beauty of the grounds without taking away any of its charm. The entertainment brought by Circosphere & Napa Aerial Fitness gave the experience Everett and Amanda wanted from the get-go.

Before the Ardenwood Wedding: How They Met

Everett, also known as Jazz, was not expecting to cry. But watching Amanda walking side by side her father brought down the waterworks. Amanda and Everett met seven years ago while they were still in high school. While at a birthday party of their mutual friend, He saw her and thought that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Eventually, he built up the courage to reach out to her, and they finally met.

Though Everett fell in love with Amanda immediately upon meeting her, he decided to play it cool and expressed a desire only for a platonic friendship. However, their respect and admiration for one another quickly surpassed this friendship and blossomed into the beautiful relationship they still possess today.

How He Asked

On May 24th, 2012, Everett asked Amanda to be his girlfriend by sending her on a scavenger hunt. The clues were comprised of milestones in their relationship thus far. The backs of each clue that she found had a letter on it. Once she had found all of the clues, she realized that the letters on the back spelled out “girlfriend?” Everett then proceeded to ask her to be his girlfriend with a ring pop in the driveway of his parents’ house.

Fast-forward seven years later, during the week of Valentine’s Day in 2019, Everett, while still in Missouri, had a bouquet of flowers delivered to Amanda everyday leading up to Valentine’s Day. He then flew back home to personally hand-deliver the last bouquet of flowers and surprise Amanda on Valentine’s Day.

The following Saturday, February 16th, Everett surprised Amanda by picking her up from work in a limo. He then took her to a romantic dinner and at the conclusion of the dinner, the manager brought Amanda an envelope containing the first clue that led her on a similar scavenger hunt to the one she completed seven years previously. All of the clues eventually led them back to the driveway of his parent’s house where he proposed to her in front of friends and family.

Ardenwood Wedding of the Season

Diane B. Photo captured all the pretty moments and details, including Red Eye Collection‘s photo booth, HansBake‘s three-tiered wedding cake with yummy sprinkles, and Boba Guys‘ three choices boba. The reception was filled with beautiful lights that brought an intimate atmosphere by Bay Area Event Lights. And lastly, but certainly not least, Twin Spins Entertainment MC’ed the night and provided the music to celebrate Everett and Amanda’s marriage!

Thank you so much, Everett and Amanda for letting Karissa Wright Productions be a part of your Ardenwood Wedding in Fremont. Congratulations on your baby girl and the beginnings of your marriage journey!

Ardenwood Wedding Highlight

Vendors of this Ardenwood Wedding:

Videography: Karissa Wright Productions
Photography: Diane B. Photo
Venue: Ardenwood Historic Farm
Cake & Dessert: HansBake
DJ: Twin Spins Entertainment
Photo Booth: Red Eye Collection
Hair: Hart Hair
Makeup: Gianna Tarquini
Cocktail Hour Entertainment: Circosphere & Napa Aerial Fitness
Boba: Boba Guys
Lighting: Bay Area Event Lights

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