Alex & Lipika Engagement Session | Pacifica State Beach

When Lipika messaged me about wanting to recreate their marriage proposal at Pacifica State Beach south of the San Fransico area that also has the Taco Bell on the beach, I was beyond excited not only photograph their session but finally meet Alex and Lipika in person! We have never met in person before, but have been following each other’s Instagrams for some time commenting on one another’s life events.  


Extra Time Used in Multiple Ways

6:00 PM was the scheduled time for the session to begin. Lipika messaged me that they were going to be 30-minutes late and would arrive at 6:30 PM. The sun sets at 8:00 PM and the weather was already foggy with no sunlight coming through anyhow. I texted Lipika back saying that it was no big deal and to drive safely on the way over. 

I usually schedule my engagement sessions for 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the location and session type. Travel is a huge factor to consider when traffic becomes an issue or the travel between two locations during the shoot for different scenery. Especially in the outdoors- there’s a lot of walking that’s involved to get the right spot, but taking the extra time is so worth it! 

Session Began at Pacifica State Beach

The beginning of the session was kinda funny because Alex and Lipika wanted to recreate their proposal at the Pacifica State Beach, but what they didn’t think of was changing the wine bottle that Alex used the first time. The wine bottle that was used both times had a narrow neck that made it difficult to pull the note out, so Lipika broke the bottle top off both times. Talk about recreation to a T! Totally accidental, but part of their story that they can laugh at and remember. 

Fun fact! Alex bought a caligraphy stencil off of Amazon to make the note that said, “Will you marry me?” Not only that, but he also burned the edges and used coffee to make it look old. A romantic message in the bottle! 

 Alex is kneeling down on the sand of the Pacifica State Beach handing Lipika a wine bottle that has a note. 

 Lipika breaks the wine bottle and pulls out the message at their favorite spot: Pacifica State Beach.

 Alex is on one knee with the engagement ring in a box opened while Lipika looks at the note that says

 Alex places the engagement ring on Lipika's ring finger recreating their marriage proposal during their engagement session. 

 Alex & Lipika walk Pacifica State Beach's shoreline looking at one another as if they were just engaged that day. Taco Bell on the beach is in the background. 

 Alex kisses Lipika on the cheek making Lipika smile with glee. Pacifica State Beach waves are on the right of the image while Taco Bell is on the coast of the beach. 

 Lipika is twirled around like a princess on the beach of Pacifica State Beach by Alex as they practice their first dance on the sand. 

 Hand in hand, Alex and Lipika hold each other's hands showing off Lipika's stunning engagement ring! 

 Alex slowly moves in for a soft kiss on Lipika as they sit on some driftwood at the Pacifica State Beach facing the ocean. That day was quite foggy. 

Second Location: We Got Lost

Standing on the sandy beach of Pacifica State Beach, if you look toward San Fransisco you’ll see some beautiful cliffs. I pointed in that direction and asked Alex and Lipika if they would like to take a chance on my idea to hike a bit up on those cliffs before the last of the sunlight goes away. They were for it, so they changed into their second outfit and hopped into my car and we started driving towards the cliff’s direction. 

I’ll admit here like I did to Alex & Lipika: I have never been/explored near the Pacifica State Beach area. The cliffs were not easily accessible and entrance not easily seen from the Highway. Immediately I said aloud, “This is a lot farther than I thought.” I saw a left turn into an enclosed area and decided to turn into it thanks to the encouragement of Lipika. Surprisingly, it was the entrance of the local’s water plant that had a walking/bike path that had gorgeous flowers along the way. It was like we stepped into the secret garden! 

 Alex looks at Lipika and smiles as they stand hand in hand in an open field filled with feathered bushes. 

 Alex and Lipika put their foreheads together and closed their eyes while smiling. Black and white photo focuses on the emotion between the two newly engaged couple. 

 Like Jasmine and Aladdin in Disney, Alex walked across the field with Lipika's hand in his looking at her as if he was going to show her a whole new world! 

Fun, Quirky & In Love

Authentic moments is what we aim to capture of our couples. Alex and Lipika are naturally fun, silly, and even punny that capturing those moments was like a watching two people in their natural habitat. The goal is to forget about the camera, focus on each other and just have fun! 

 During their engagement session, I had Alex and Lipika come up with a secret handshake where they ended up having so much fun! 

 Alex grabs Lipika during their engagement session and she laughs a out loud at their fun and loving relationship. 

 Lipika smiles at the camera while Alex glances as her. Captured just right was the sweet love between the two engaged couple. 

 Alex holds one of the feathers across Lipika's face giving her a mustache as she makes a silly face. 

 Lipika holds a feather across Alex's eyebrows giving him a unibrow while he makes a silly face. 

 In their causal outfit, Alex and Lipika walk on a secret garden path in their engagement session nearby the Pacifica State Beach. 

 Embracing one another, the engaged couple hug as if it was their last time during their Pacifica State Beach Engagement Session.

 It was as if this was their last kiss during their engagement session at the Pacifica State Beach. 

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