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When I had first talked with Adolfo, he explained to me that they were not. going to have a wedding party. A couple of weeks before the wedding, we met in person to go over the final details. It was then that they told me that they had just gone from zero to 20 wedding party members! Not only was this surprising, but twenty people is now Karissa Wright Productions’ newest record of the largest wedding party photographed during this Oakdale private estate wedding!

Oakdale Private Estate Wedding

There were so many unique aspects of this wedding, one of them being the wedding venue itself. This Oakdale private estate wedding is owned by a family. The wife of the family, Carla, wanted to use their estate to change the world one wedding at a time. You read that right: a non-profit wedding venue. How can this be?

World Impacting Wedding

The property is maintained and designed to provide almost everything. From the bridal suite to the chairs, food, cake, and bar, this Oakdale private estate wedding is a one-stop shop for everything a couple would need. The only vendors hired out by the couple would need to be the DJ, Officiant, Photographer, and Videographer. Before the wedding, Carla asks the couple to choose a non-profit of their choice to donate a minimum sum of money as payment for the wedding. Even the helpers and staff that serves on the wedding day are volunteers to support the couple’s non-profit of choice. Amazing, right?!

And the property itself does not make a disappointment. The Oakdale private estate wedding has a lake in the middle. The lake is surrounded by different buildings and spaces used for the wedding day activities. One area would be for the ceremony and another for the reception. Lastly but certainly not least, a place that they called “Little Italy” for the cocktail hour, dancing, and party.

Literally out of this world

Because this Oakdale private estate wedding was in the middle of the country, cell phone reception was nonexistent. A huge benefit in this regard is that this removes your wedding guests from online distractions and focuses on people and wedding festivities. But if you want your guests to be online social gurus to Instagram and Facebook your wedding day, other alternatives would need to be created.

From a vendor perspective, we were lucky enough to have had our walkie talkies that did not require service to quickly communicate with the photo and video team when we were on opposite sides of the property.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs.

This wedding is one for the books! Thank you Adolfo and Claudia for entrusting me with your wedding photography and videography. Excited to see your love and family grow more in the future!

Oakdale Private Estate Wedding Photo & Video


Photo & Video: Karissa Wright Productions
Venue, Floral, Rentals, Cake, Catering: Oakdale Private Estate, Imagine Heaven Here

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