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Gabriel & Ester | St Charles Borromeo Church | San Francisco Wedding Video Teaser

Jul 4, 2018

Beginnings at St Charles Borromeo Church

Fourth of July weekend, Gabriel and Ester was surrounded by family and friends at the San Francisco Catholic Church, St Charles Borromeo Church, to witness their union and the start of their marriage journey. Focused around the things that they cared about most, Gabriel and Ester chose to honor the Lord and their families as they were a huge part of their love story. 

 Gabriel and Ester marry in St Charles Borromeo Church in San Fransisco during the fourth of July weekend. 

How They Met

At a wedding where Gabriel was the cousin of the bride, Ester noticed that Gabriel was good dancer and agreed to dance with him when he asked her to dance with him. At the time, Ester wasn’t looking for anyone since she had just got out of a relationship a couple months prior, so she made up a story that she was not from around the area but was from Spain. Later, Gabriel asked the bride who she was and the bride responded said that Ester is from San Francisco not Spain. The bride gave Gabriel Ester’s number and they communicated through text messages.  

Gabriel and Ester started talking about marriage 3 years after they started dating. Meeting one another while Ester was 18, it was very important to Gabriel, who is from the country of Mexico, that Ester finished her higher education before they got married. He said that he never received that opportunity but wanted to respect and vaule the sacrifice that Ester’s parents had made to get her there. At the time Ester was going for her Bachelors and Masters at the sime time and Gabriel supported her each and every step of the way. The day that Ester graduated with her Masters, Gabriel proposed. 

Watch Their Wedding Video Teaser




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