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Jace & Stephanie | Knights Ferry | Adventure Sunrise Couple Session Teaser

Apr 2, 2018

Adventure Sunrise Couple Session

Not even 5 months into their marriage and I had the privilege to shoot Jace and Stephanie’s adventure sunrise couple session in Knights Ferry. From the weather to the landscape of the Historic Knights Ferry, nature could not have been any more perfect!

Before the Sunrise

5:00 am Alarm goes off
5:10 am Gets Dressed + Grabs Gear
5:20 am Starts Driving
6:00 am Arrives on site
6:10 am Meet with Jace + Stephanie and start our hike

Stephanie was so sweet to greet me with a cup of Starbucks’ grande latte. Since moving from Washington, Stephanie had recently started her job at a local Starbucks and has been sharing with me about her work experience (plus she got the hookups for drinks, thanks Stephanie!). Although it was early in the morning, coldness did not seem to be an issue. We did bring several blankets for a walk to and from our cars, but I believe holding warm drinks kept us from not minding the weather.

protip: bring warm drinks to keep your hands warm

During Sunrise

6:20 am Set up + Start Shooting
6:45 am Sunrise

By the time we started shooting, the photos made it look like we were shooting at night. I started using my Pro Foto A1 off-camera flash to light them up while capturing what happened to be the full moon that day. I’m so grateful for Jace and Stephanie who have trusted me to experiment since this was my first adventure sunrise session. 

I look forward to sharing more with you all about this session, so keep on the lookout for the full session blog post next week! Register for the full gallery release below to be notified when the gallery is live. 




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