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Hi there! Welcome to the KW blog, a journal about our couples, engagements, and travels. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Karissa.

Zared & Jennifer | San Jose Coffee Shop | Engagement

Mar 14, 2018

Coffee Shop Engagement Sessions

Coffee shop sessions are seriously Ah-Dor-A-Ble! It is not necessarily because of the ideal natural lighting a particular coffee shop will bring or because coffee is generally aesthetically pleasing to photograph, but because of the emotions and memories associated with the moments captured that commonly resonates with so many couples. 

Capturing this engagement session with Zared and Jennifer reminded me of the simplicity of capturing couples in a genuine and unique way to showcases who they are as a couple. Not one couple is alike. As a creative, it is my goal to retell every story in a personal way that reminds each couple 40, 50, 60 years from now, why they love each other. 


(adj.) possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin; authentic; real.

A Genuine Relationship

Months before the shoot, Jennifer and I had scheduled the engagement session to be shot at Moss Beach. I was over the moon with the location and had been really looking forward to the session. But the closer the session came, the weather was looking like it was not going to be sunshine but raining. Jennifer messaged me asking if I had a Plan B if the weather decided to not be great since they could not reschedule the date. 

Freak Out Moment

To be completely honest, I had no Plan B. I had shot 2 engagement sessions in San Francisco with no weather problems, so I had no doubt that the weather was going to be just fine. Thankfully in that same email, Jennifer also suggested that they could recreate a few of their first date spots in downtown San Jose as the Plan B solution. It was then that I realized that they much rather make the Plan B option their Plan A. 

I replied to Jennifer’s email asking if they would rather have the engagement session in San Jose and scrap Moss beach entirely no matter what the weather turned out to be. She responded with a yes and thank God for that because the weather did end up being rainy! 

Being True to Who You Are

Arriving at HannaH’s Coffee, Tea, and Sweets shop, Jennifer and Zared were already there waiting and ready to go even though I got their early! What I did not know was that Jennifer had worked at this coffee shop several years ago and befriended the owner during her time as an employee where they are still friends to this day. Not only that, but this coffee shop was one of their many stops during their 8-hour first date (Yep! You read right: 8-hour first date!).

Genuine is the word I would describe Zared and Jennifer- both together and individually. No matter what we were doing during the session, they were both real with one another and even with regular customers that they recognized too! Being real with someone is freeing. From my perspective, Zared and Jennifer were just that: genuine. 




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