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Outfit Ideas for an Outdoor Engagement Shoot

Mar 27, 2018

An outdoor engagement session is unique in itself, so we have provided some outfit ideas based on weather and locations. Are you planning on having your photos taken near a beach, national forest, or local park? No matter what, these tips and ideas will help you figure out what works for you. 

  • Avoid being too matchy-matchy. Gone are the days of both couples wearing white t-shirts and jeans. You’ll want what you wear to complement each other, not copy! (Using a pop of color to tie both of your outfits together always works well).
  • For women, avoid shirts that are baggy or super-loose. Sometimes the camera can exaggerate the looseness in the clothing, which can cause one to appear more round than they really are.
  • Feel free to bring an outfit change (one casual look, one dressy look). It’s always good to switch things up a bit and if we change locations, it will essentially be like you had two photoshoots.
  • Solid colored clothing items are great, and if you want to bring in a pattern, have only one person wearing the pattern.
  • Wear what you feel comfortable in. If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, it often shows in the images.
  • If you decide to wear heels, also bring flip-flops or other shoes that you can be more comfortable in while walking in-between shots.
  • Try on everything a few days before the shoot. You’ll want to make sure your clothes fit correctly and you don’t have distractions from panty lines, bra straps, poorly fitting clothing, or wrinkles! 

Yosemite National Park

Evan and Sarah’s outdoor engagement session was held during Yosemite’s gold hour during the season’s transition from Summer into Fall. Although I would recommend bringing one casual outfit and one dressier outfit, Evan and Sarah stayed true to who they are. For as long as I’ve known them (4 years now – wow!), flannels and nerdy Star Wars things was something they have always been. It is more important to me that my couples feel comfortable and be true to who they are individually and together. 

Montaña de Oro State Park

Near San Luis Obispo, Jeret and Hannah had a surprisingly outdoor rainy engagement session. With no control over the weather, we must expect the unexpected. Hannah was very smart to bring a third outfit even though only two were ended up used. The first photo shows Hannah wearing a white sweater with light-washed jeans and light brown ankle booties, while Jeret wore a grey button-down shirt with khaki pants and dress shoes. The second image is actually the exact same outfit but with their matching black rain jackets (love that image so much!). Last image was supposed to have Hannah wearing a long white dress, but decided last minute to wear her white top instead. It was a great choice considering that they ended up doing a lot of jumping and getting a lot more drenched than ealier. 

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Jon and Kelly had two dressier looking outfits worn during their San Fransico windy outdoor engagement session near Point Bonita Lighthouse. While Evan and Sarah brought light sabres and Jeret and Hannah brought clear umbrellas, Jon and Kelly brought florals. If one of you is wearing florals and then transition into solid colours, having a prop like a bouquet of flowers (Kelly made it herself out of Costco and Trader Joe’s arrangements!) can put together an outfit very nicely. Less is more! 

Rodeo Beach 

Pedro and Susan had their outdoor engagement session at the beach in Marin Headlands. Fro season’s transition from winter to spring, Pedro and Susan brought two outfits that showcased their intimate connection with each other. Cosy and warm, these two lovebirds dressed in outfits that they were both comfortable and complimented each other without overdoing it. Susan said that she spent hours picking the right dress because there were so many that would have worked for her. Again, florals is something that will never go out of style (quoting Taylor Swift?!) 

San Jose Local Park

Last but certainly not least, Zared and Jennifer opted for an outdoor engagement session that hits close to their love story. Check out their blog post to see how their engagement location was changed last minute! Zared and Jennifer actually only had one outfit. Only Zared changed his top when they moved from their shoot inside of a coffee shop to a local nearby park. This works too! Sometimes not having an outfit change can make it less stressful in transitioning from one location to the next. 

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