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Taylor Marie’s Quinceañera Highlights | Tracy Highlights

Dec 8, 2016

Videography is slowly becoming an essential piece of special/any kind of event, more so than photography. With video, you can see yourself, remember the small details, but also take in the remembrance of the larger picture. Sounds, emotions, performances, expressions and experiences are all enraptured in a video. Whether that be in a short highlight video or short length film, videos can be replayed over and over again until your heart’s content. 

For weddings, birthdays, corporate meetings, or marriage proposals, these one-time events you do not want to miss a moment of. Some events are more special than others, but it’s the ones where older family members are present and wise advice are given that make those clips the most valuable when they are gone and for you and your family to look back on. 

Most couples say that they don’t remember anything that happens at the wedding/reception because everything flies by so fast and all they remember was that they were too nervous/sick to the stomach to eat anything that day. It’s the details that they spent months and months looking for on Pinterest, buying, and making sure everything was just right. Or it’s their vows that they don’t remember saying because all they’re focused on is each other after being apart all day.

Birthdays are special moments in  multiple cultures. Most well known of them all are Sweet 16’s and Quinceañeras. There’s so much wrapped in that new age culturally, sometimes religiously, and others just as an importance to the family. 

Taylor and Company decided to perform a dance number that they put together months in advance- they did a wonderful job to which I thought that they were already some sort of dance crew. It was cool to see her close relationships with her two brothers and her friends. 




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